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Welcome to the Delaware Equine Council – your connection to Delaware’s horse industry! We are an all-breed, all-discipline volunteer organization managed by a Board of Directors. The DEC actively promotes and enhances all things equine in Delaware.

The goals of the DEC include:

  • Unify, inform, and represent the diverse interests of all horsemen and horsewomen in Delaware
  • Facilitate communication between the equine community and governmental agencies
  • Create and identify educational opportunities that will enhance and promote the abilities of riders and the knowledge of horse owners throughout Delaware’s equine community.
  • Support the Delaware Equine Council Foundation in scholarship acquisition and dissemination

We are glad you are here and we welcome your input into any facet of the DEC and its endeavors. Please consider volunteering for one of our many committees.

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Announcements - Announcements

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Meet the New Directors

WELCOME to our NEWLY elected Directors!
Dave Hobday
Gwen Hobday
Amy Dietz
2022 is going to be a GREAT year!

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DEC January Meeting Guest Speaker

Monday, January 17, 2022, 7pm, Apex Stables: Katie Joseph and Kelly Boyer of Broad View Assisted Activities and Therapies will speak about the work they are doing with troubled teens. "Students show an increased empathy, confidence, and hope for their future" after participating in the program.

Visit the Broad View website

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Emergency Equine Assistance Program

DEC Emergency Equine Assistance Program is a payment program designed to assist horse/equine owners who demonstrate financial need with the cost of hay, feed or veterinary services for their equines. Payments will be to the feed/hay suppliers or veterinarians to cover actual, documented out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the horse/equine owner.

More about the Emergency Assistance Program

Some of our members

Pictures of our members and events.

Our Newsletter

The Delaware Equine Council publishes a newsletter six times a year. This is distributed all over the state and is available on line.

Newsletter 1

PEMF a 'Magna Wave' of the Future

The Delaware Equine Council’s June meeting was enhanced by a 45-minute demonstration by Brooke Baker of Small Wonder Equine Services at our new location just south of Harrington at Apex Stables owned and operated by Pamela Robichaud.

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Newsletter 2

Delaware Appaloosa's Father's Day Special ESWHSA Show

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Newsletter 3

Rescue is a Phone Call Away

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Newsletter 4

Member Spotlight

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